Museum Showcase

We produce vertical, wall or central display cases, table display cases, special large display cases equipped with electromechanical automatisms. The interior design is studied and proposed according to the needs of the types of artifacts to be exhibited.


For each of these categories, constructive criteria are applied which concern in particular: the sealing system and the microclimate control. The internal atmosphere is isolated from the external environment through the use of sealed and controlled materials through apparatus and instruments able to monitor the microclimatic parameters (humidity and temperature).

Finishing materials and products are free of gas emissions that can interact chemically with the artefacts on display. The opening system is designed to guarantee the safety, functionality, tightness of the internal atmosphere and aesthetics. The lighting systems employ cold light, which is neither a source of heat nor ultraviolet lights harmful to the exhibits.


Display windows for museums and exhibitions

The display cases or showcases can be classified into various types, according to various factors including:

– the position of the display case in the room (wall, corner, center room, suspended wall, niche, etc.);

– the work or set of works that will be included in the showcase. This aspect is decisive for defining the size of the display cabinet and the need for shelves, suspended supports, anchors to a possible backdrop;

– the need to be able to inspect the back of the work (frequent in the case of painted wooden tables);

– analisying the luminous devices in place in the rooms, which determine the insertion of the lighting fixtures, their number, their position and the possibility of having a transparent or opaque glazed ceiling.