Art is our work and our passion.

We visit museums all over Italy and Europe and often come across situations that are absolutely dangerous from a conservative point of view. Large cracks between the windows that allow a notable passage of air and therefore demages the artworks, very serious exposure to light and consequently to heat, elements constituting the exhibition space made of unsuitable materials and varnishes.   The possible causes can be multiple, obsolescence of the windows themselves, scarcity of budgets that have influenced the choice of exhibitors, different use of the cases with respect to the origin because the collection has undergone changes over the years.

Arteche is able to propose improvement solutions, making the current showcases better performing from a conservative point of view. Simple installations of profiles adequately designed to greatly improve sealing performance can often be sufficient. Even the lighting system, if present in the display cases, can be modified. Often in the past years fluorescent tubes or dichroic lamps were used; the current LED technology, on the other hand, allows for ample improvements, increasing the energy saving and the conservation efficiency of the guarded works.