Display cases and exhibitors generally require constant monitoring and maintenance to promote the efficiency and correct maintenance of conservative parameters. Arteche offers a complete service of maintenance and assistance in compliance with the current reference standards:

– Norma UNI 10829 – Condizioni ambientali di conservazione – Misurazioni ed Analisi – Atto di indirizzo sui criteri tecnico-scientifici e sugli standard di funzionamento e sviluppo dei musei, AMBITO VI-SOTTOAMBITO 1: norme per la conservazione e il restauro comprendenti l’esposizione e la movimentazione. Some of the main activities are: – Ordinary and extraordinary installation and maintenance of technological equipment such as adiabatic humidifiers, thermostatic controllers, dehumidifiers; – Redevelopment of existing showcases through replacement of filters and gaskets, supply and calibration of hygroscopic material; – Microclimate monitoring service, temperature and humidity control with detectors and dataloggers, data download service and data logger reprogramming; – Replacing outmoded lighting systems with new high-performance devices; – Installation of presence sensors and LED lights for optical fiber.

Practicality and safety for the museum operator. The service compartments and opening systems of the Arteche showcases facilitate the intervention for cleaning and ordinary maintenance operations. Depending on the type of artifact, the museum and the operators need to study showcases that can be easily opened by the employees.