Lighting technology
The Arteche showcases employ LED or fiber optic lighting systems that guarantee the minimum impact on the microclimate and the perfect enhancement of the product. A team of collaborators study the most suitable solution to enhance and protect the work, avoiding potential sources of overheating, integrating the visual impact with the architectural context and taking into account the visitor’s perspective, to avoid disturbing effects on the overall usability.

The work in the center
We create showcases with a simple and linear style. The design logic with which we build our cases is that of reducing the visual impact: the aim is to enhance the work by minimizing the structure and without interfering with the architectural frame of the museum. This approach requires design effort and experience for the development of construction systems and devices (special hinges, sliding systems …) that are not visible to the observer, but which effectively and easily solve the access operations to the finds, combining aesthetics and functionality.