Relative humidity control systems


Monitoring and adjusting the percentages of relative humidity inside the showcase is essential for the conservation of the art works

Arteche supports the conservator in the analysis of the conditions necessary for the protection of  artwork and develops active or passive humidity control systems according to specific needs. The display cabinets can be equipped with a drawer for housing of hygrostabilizing salts, placed in the non-visible area and communicated with the exhibition space, or equipped with active humidity control systems, capable of delivering or absorbing water vapor ensuring constant humidity, according to the levels set through a control panel. The trend of thermal and hygrometric values can be recorded by the same equipment or on a connected computer, ensuring constant monitoring.

Sealing systems

The careful study of the sealing systems limits the impact of the climatic conditions external to the window and allows to protect the work from the oscillations of humidity and temperature of the spaces in which they are placed. An adequate sealing system is also a fundamental barrier for chemicals and particulates that could affect the products. The display areas of our showcases are dustproof and respond to an index of air exchange with the exterior from 0.1 to 0.2 volumes in 24 hours (certified by the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Torino). All glass / glass and glass / metal seals are obtained with non-acetic PH-neutral silicone. All the opening profiles of the opening parts are equipped with profiles with gaskets made of silicone foam or closed cell foam neoprene compounds free from acid volatile emissions.