How We Work

Showcases and museum installations: attention to the details

Our team of artisans and specialized technicians, designers and manufactures are taking into account every individual exhibition needs. Protection, conservation and enhancement of the artifacts are at the basis of the design of each individual set-up. We provide one of a kind design and lighting solutions that enhance the artifacts, we take care of  in-depth structures that minimize/eliminate the risk of to be stolen or vandalism, we provide active and passive humidity sealing and control systems (MiniClima), in line with the logic of preventive conservation. We know the needs of museum operators well and therefore we study our showcases to reduce maintenance needs and guarantee maximum ease of use. There are three principles that guide all our projects: To Valorize – We create showcases with a simple and linear design. The aim is to enhance the work by minimizing the structure and without interfering with the architectural beauty of the museum. To Preserve – Each project is the result of a targeted work which, starting from the analysis of the constituent materials of the artifact and their state of conservation, reaches the identification of appropriate conservative solutions. To Protect – All the showcases are made with the aim of minimizing the risk of theft and vandalism and offer maximum stability. The constant verification and maintenance guarantee the efficiency and the correct setting of the parameters.