About Us


Our history

The showcases and fittings of Arteche are the result of a consolidated experience in the museum conservation sector. The company has founded in 2011 from an idea by Riccardo Morando and Alessio Sgotti to continue the twenty-year activity of the Astarte company, which from 1991 to 2011 has worked in the restoration and museum sector. The skills acquired in the sector make us a reliable and expert partner, able to work alongside the conservator or the designer and solve problems related to any field of conservation and exhibition of artistic and cultural heritage.

The showcase as an integral part of the conservation project

The display solutions proposed by Arteche for confined environments such as museums, libraries and archives guarantee the enhancement of the artifacts from a perceptive / communicative point of view and are fully integrated into the architectural context of the “cabinets/show cases”. Our precaution conservation technic presupposes the quotation of degradation process that every artifact undergoes over time: control of the microclimate, protection from chemical-physical agents of the external environment, protection from destructive events of a natural or anthropic nature . According to this logic, showcases and exhibitors can be considered as full tools for scheduled maintenance, which today is universally considered an integral and fundamental part of the conservation project. Each project is the result of a targeted study that, starting from the in-depth knowledge of the materials constituting the finds and their state of conservation, reaches the identification of appropriate conservative solutions.