The elegant showcase, designed by the architect Giorgio Graviani in 2002, was performed in 2004 in the workshop led by Riccardo Morando and Alessio Sgotti.

It perfectly summarizes in itself the three values ​​underlying the constructive logic Arteche : protection, valorization, conservation.

The “wall” type case, classifiable as “active” for microclimatic control, is made up of two fundamental elements: the movable central body and the fixed side panels. The whole was made of tubular steel sheets and painted with epoxy-polyester powders, the strong thickness of the plates explains the solid and solid character of the exhibitor.

The mobile central body is also divided into two elements: the base that houses the technical equipment useful for air conditioning, alarms and lighting sources, and the exhibition space that houses the work, presenting a backdrop covered with a fabricflared shape. The glass that protects the work is of a laminated type, that is a double layer of glass with polyvinylbutirral, extra-clear and anti-reflective safety film.

The optimal environmental parameters for the correct conservation are very rigid, being a work composed of organic elements of different nature such as wood, oil painting layer and veiling.

The humidity control unit works continuously, allowing the humidity value to remain constant within the display area. Inside a drawer communicating with the exhibition space there are also two dataloggers for recording humidity and temperature data, so as to cross data and obtain a more precise and reliable average value.

The lighting system is also equipped with the most conservative precautions: a presence sensor placed at the base of the display case turns off the system in the absence of visitors, the fiber optic lighting fixtures totally cancel the heat supply inside the compartment finally, thanks to special potentiometers, it is possible to calibrate the illumination level perfectly.

At present, Arteche continues its routine maintenance of the showcase, ensuring the perfect operation of the humidity control unit, as well as the optimal functioning of the lighting.